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Costa Jpeg

Costa Jpeg is a digital artist who creates unique artworks that explore the intersection of art, technology, and the human experience. His work is characterized by its use of vibrant colors, bold shapes, and expressive figures.

Inspired by the ever-evolving world of NFTs, Web 3.0, and blockchain technology, Jpeg sees these technologies as having the potential to revolutionize the way art is created, shared, and experienced. His work often features references to these technologies, as well as to the emotions and experiences that they evoke.

A skilled digital artist, Costa Jpeg is constantly experimenting with new techniques and styles. He is passionate about using his art to explore the human condition and challenge people's perceptions of the world around them. His work is thought-provoking and visually stunning.​

Costa Jpeg has exhibited his art at numerous events worldwide:


NFT.NYC 2022, Marriott Marquis Hotel and Times Square Billboards, New York City, EUA. 

NFT NYC 2023, Javits Center and Times Square Billboards, New York City, EUA.  

NFT NYC 2024, Javits Center, New York City, EUA.

NFT Brasil 2023, Pavilhão da Bienal, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

NFT Liverpool 2022, Adelia Art Gallery, Liverpool, England.

NFT Rio 2024, Futuros Arte e Tecnologia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

ImNotArt Gallery (2023), Chicago, EUA.

Digital Revolution (2021), Goiânia, Brazil. 

Fake Basel (Art Basel) 2022, Switzerland. 

Rio Digital Arts (Blockchain Rio 2023), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rio Digital Arts (Blockchain Rio 2024), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Beeple Studios (Crypto Winter Wonderland 2023), Charleston, EUA.

Art Basel Miami 2023, Unfold/Shillr, Miami, EUA. 

Blockchain Futurist Conference 2024, Toronto, Canada


He has also been featured in online auctions, such as ArtNet's Feels Fake (Fake Rares) and Scarce City (XCP tokens Fake Rares and Fake Commons).

Costa was a featured speaker at the Blockchain SP 2023 (Sao Paulo, Brazil) and NFT Rio 2024 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) conferences. He participated in panels on the intersection of art and blockchain technology, sharing his insights on the potential of NFTs to revolutionize the art world.

In 2024, Costa Jpeg partnered with OpenSea to release "Get Based by Costa Jpeg," a memeified interpretation of Onchain Summer, a campaign by Base. Costa Jpeg is an advocate for Ethereum Layer 2 solutions. Read the Costa Jpeg interview on the Opensea blog here.

As a skilled artist and musician, Jpeg continues to make waves in both industries, captivating audiences with his unique talents and creative vision.

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