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Costa Jpeg

Marvin Costa, better known as Costa Jpeg, is an accomplished Brazilian digital artist and musician. From a young age, he exhibited a passion for both drawing and music, which eventually led him to pursue formal studies in music production.


After earning his degree, Costa Jpeg worked as a music director for independent artists, honing his craft and building valuable experience. More recently, he partnered with Marcelo Yuka, a talent Brazilian composer, on the musical project Mestiço.


Beyond his musical career, Costa Jpeg has become a prominent figure in the NFT community, with his unique and eye-catching digital works collected by major collectors. His artwork is available on various platforms, including OpenSea, Foundation, Async Art, Fake Rares, and Dank Directory (bitcoin blockchain).


Costa Jpeg has participated in numerous NFT events worldwide, including NFT.NYC 2022 (held at the Marquis Hotel and Times Square Billboards), NFT NYC 2023, NFT Brasil, NFT Liverpool 2022, ImNotArt Gallery (Chicago,EUA), Digital Revolution in Goiânia, Brazil, Fake Basel during Art Basel 2022 and Blockchain Rio 2023, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has also been featured in online auctions, such as ArtNet's Feels Fake (Fake Rares) and Scarce City (XCP tokens Fake Rares and Fake Commons).


As a skilled artist and musician, Costa Jpeg continues to make waves in both industries, captivating audiences with his unique talents and creative vision.

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